BBQ Chicken Pizza

Hello Everyone! Hope you’ve been enjoying this beautiful weather we’ve been having! It feels like Summer 🙂 I’ve got lots of growth happening in my garden, hopefully my potatoes make it this year (fingers crossed). If you missed my latest post you can go check it out, Attaining Simplicity.

Last week I shared on my Instagram Story our BBQ Chicken Pizza and I had poll going to share the recipe or not. And obviously you wanted it, and you should have because sooo delish. So I’ll let you in on the recipe!


Okay first you need pizza dough. I’ve been looking for a recipe that’s big enough for Evan and I to make a 14″ pizza and it needs to make the perfect crust. And I’m so thrilled because not only does the recipe that I found make enough but it makes enough for two pizzas. When I make this dough I split it into two and freeze one half for next time, making pizza night easy peasy. It’s crispy on the outside but soft on the inside, everything pizza crust should be, it really is the perfect pizza crust. The original recipe can be found here.

Pizza Dough (Recipe from Chef in Training)

  • 2 cups warm water
  • 1 tbsp yeast
  • 1 tbsp salt
  • 5 cups flour
  1. Mix the water and yeast and let it proof for 5 minutes
  2. Then mix together 2 1/2 cups of flour with the proofed yeast, once that’s mixed add the remaining flour and salt
  3. When it’s been completely mixed together let it rise for 20 minutes
  4. Once that’s done, you can split the dough into two portions, either freeze one or make two pizzas if you’d like
  5. Roll dough out flat and put onto oiled baking sheet, I use a Wilton’s Pizza Pan

Now that your dough is finished you can do the fun part, the toppings!

BBQ Chicken Toppings

bbq chicken pizza

  • Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce
  • Shredded rotisserie chicken
  • Mozza-Cheddar Blend Cheese
  • Fresh red onion
  • Fresh roma tomato
  • Fresh cilantro
  1. Preheat oven at 400 F
  2. Top your dough with BBQ sauce, chicken (I used about a cup) and Mozza-Cheddar (about a cup as well)
  3. Bake for 20 minutes or so, till the crust is golden brown
  4. Chop up your fresh veggies and cilantro (I did mine quite fine)
  5. When your pizza is done in the oven and your fresh veggies, cut and serve!

and voila! perfect BBQ Chicken Pizza!





Attaining Simplicity

Hey guys it’s been a while! If you missed my last post, I shared a DIY for a Spring Floral Wreath and you can check it out here!

I’ve had the busiest couple weeks and it made me realize a few things about the way our lifestyle has changed since Cornelia was born. And I’m gonna share that with you guys today 🙂

For me this blog is a space where I share my journey to living a little more like our grandparents and their grandparents. That slow and simple living. Learning to be better with our resources and stewards of creation.


Alright, so obviously life changes when you have a baby but there’s something about how it has changed for my family that I love. Our life HAS become slow and I rarely push myself to do more than one thing a day. I find the time to go out and enjoy nature with Cornelia, even if its raining. I have a weekly coffee date with friends and it’s the highlight of my week.



The past few weeks have been stuffed full to the brim of all these things I needed to do and places to go and it really bothered me. I hated it and was anxious all week because of the things I needed to do. I’m happy it’s done and I can go back to my simpler schedule again next week.

These were a few things that I had implemented to get that more relaxed schedule…

  • Don’t pack your schedule full of ALL the things, you don’t need to do that to yourself. If you don’t work give yourself 1 thing to do every day, not 2, not 3, just ONE thing. If you do work only give yourself 1 thing per week, maybe 2, but not something on top of your job every day.
  • Go outside, get out of the house and inhale that fresh crisp air. If it’s sunny get that Vitamin D, if it’s raining go jump in the puddles. I’ve made an effort to go out for an afternoon stroll with Cornelia. Even if it’s raining, I aim for at least 5 minutes.
  • Get a crockpot and make some “dump freezer meals”, you’ll love that it takes half an hour prep and two minutes of pulling it from the freezer. There’s tons of recipes on Pinterest that you can try out. My two faves are pulled pork and enchilada casserole. Not really having to cook will make your week way easier.
  • Self-care, I don’t know about you but I’m getting a little tired of hearing this word, but it’s actually really important. I try and take 10 minutesish for myself, so I can have a nice shower or actually finish my coffee. It doesn’t need to be something grand like a mani-pedi but actually giving yourself 10 minutes to breathe is really helpful.

I am on maternity leave right now so it may seem easier, but I do think it would work for people working full time. And I’m hoping that things won’t change too drastically when I do go back to work but that’s just another season of life and so change will happen, sooner then I’d like.

I’m loving where we are at right now, and of course I’m still learning to master simple living. For example, I FINALLY succeeded (there have been many attempts) in starting a sourdough baby but then just got lazy and haven’t kept up with it.

If you’ve got anything to share just leave me a comment!


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DIY: Spring Wreath

It’s the first day of Spring! Yaaaaay!

If you missed my last post about Spring starting you can read that here.

I just wanted to share a quick little DIY to help spruce up your living space especially for this fresh season. You can also check out my Fall Wreath for more inspiration.

Okay so you need a few things to make this.

  • Grapevine Wreath (I get mine from Michael’s, they’re different prices depending on the size you use. I used a 14″ this time.)
  • Some fake flowers  and foliage in Spring-y tones (You can get these at Michael’s for $$ or dollar stores for $. I went with some dangly purple ones and then cut them in half.)
  • A letter for your initial (either Michael’s or dollar stores will have them, my sister had actually made this one for me with some twine.)
  • String to attach your letter, and give you a way to hang your wreath.
  • Scissors
  • warmed up hot glue gun

Okay now the steps…

  1. Take flowers off their long stems, you don’t want them sticking out of your wreath. Start to place them where you’d like them to go around your letter and add your foliage. When you’re happy with the placement glue them there so it doesn’t get mixed up or they fall out of the wreath. IMG_0759
  2. Next thing would be to put your letter down and tie it there, use hot glue if you need to keep it put. I reuse mine so I try not to glue it. IMG_0760
  3. and lastly tie a loop to hang it! I didn’t for this one so you don’t have to either, but I normally do. And that’s it, so easy! IMG_0762

And well yeah that’s it. Super easy like everything else that I like to do haha.


Spring Beginnings 2018

Hey all! It’s just starting to look like Spring here which is so exciting because I am so looking forward to being able to get outside more!


Every season I reflect back on the season that just past and then prepare for the season ahead of me. You can read about my Winter Season here.

I’m just going to jump into this because I don’t have a lot of time!

For this year I wanted to find some space away from social media and technology because I felt like it was making me anxious and I just needed to slow down and breathe. I do feel like I found a little of what I was looking for, the slow living. I spent a lot of time with my family, and try so hard to not be on my phone when Cornelia is around, I try to have two free hands when I’m with her.


I also wanted to find the things that I like, not what’s trendy. So I’m trying to change the way I dress or the music I listen to which takes a bit of time. When I shop I have made more of an effort to learn about how it was made or if it works in our home, instead of impulsively buying something.nov 05

I had a few goals for the winter as well… my bullet journal, which I’ve done well on I think… building the blog, which I should probably work on harder… and working on being more stewardly to the Earth, which has gone okay (I’ll be writing about this in a full post so look out for that).

For this Spring there’s a couple things I want to work on as well as my bigger slow living goal for the year.

  • Eating healthier, like eat actual fruits and vegetables, this is probably my biggest flaw but I could go a whole week without these and be okay with myself. I’m also interested in eating fermented food so I’m attempting a sourdough starter for like the fifth time and I’m actually getting somewhere with it. Yay me!
  • Getting outside every day, whether we just sit outside on our deck or we go for a walk. Fresh air is just so good! IMG_0672
  • Giving myself grace, for the things I can’t do or messed up on. I try not to feel bad about things because guilt can become such a heavy weight.

I love setting these goals for myself, it makes me work towards being a better me for my family and myself. It makes it easier when it’s in a shorter timeline too because if it doesn’t work I can try again or decide it’s not for me. pexels-photo-414620

Do you give yourself seasonal goals or a chance to work on something in a certain season? Let me know by leaving a comment!



5 Mood Boosters

Hello all hope you’re doing well!

Did you know that seasonal depression is an actual thing? So many people are affected by it and they don’t even realize it. Experts feel that its due to the lack of sunlight in the winter, you can read more about it on BC Healthlink website here. It would make sense, especially here in BC where we don’t see a lot of sunlight during those Winter but then our moods improve in the Spring and Summers.

I wanted to share a couple of my mood boosters for those Winter blues with you guys!

  • Take a nice hot shower or bath, it’ll warm you up from the cold and if you use salts in your bath it will help relax all your muscles. pexels-photo-534116
  • Go out or stay in and have a cup of hot chocolate, it’ll feel nostalgic like you’re a little kid again and make you warm inside.pexels-photo-370017
  • Go for a walk, nature has been proven to treat depression. The fresh air will feel so good and uplifting even if it’s pouring rain, just bundle up. pexels-photo
  • Take a nap and wake up feeling refreshed.pexels-photo-545034
  • Be creative, do something artsy. If it’s around Christmas make an ornament for the tree, or buy yourself some flowers and try to paint them. Do  something that promotes creativity.Kid painting Santa on a paper plate



Weekend at Hemlock

Just doing a little life update 🙂


A couple weekends ago we went away to Hemlock mountain with Evan’s family. It was such a fun little getaway!

We went skiing ( I didn’t actually but everyone else did), snow shoeing, and Cornelia went out in the little toboggan, played tons of games and ate lots of good food 🙂 00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20180128162353795_COVER



There was so much snow it was taller then me!


Cornelia is 5 months now, and I can’t believe how much she’s grown and getting to see her gummy little grin is my favorite. She rolled over for the first time just a couple days ago too! I’m just so delighted to see her personality develop:)c 5 month

IMG_0001 (2)

That is all.


It was Simple

Everything is so complicated these days.

I’m actually anticipating the day a teacher sends a note home with Cornelia, shaming me for the homemade chocolate chips cookies that 1. aren’t vegan 2. have gluten and sugar 3. and may contain nuts.

I just learned this week that my Instagram feed is no longer chronological but will only show me a post if it gets at least 10% engagement immediately EVEN if I follow this person.

There are a million places to shop from with all the exact same products and “benefits” for me. My smallish city has 50+ grocery stores, 60+ gas stations, 140+ places to shop for clothes. Not to mention there’s online shopping too.


aunt ruth and jo


We used to not even question how we resourced things…

1. Milk was brought daily and then we left the empty glasses out to be picked up, cleaned and reused, a true recycling program.

2. Our gardens provided us grains and vegetables, we didn’t import anything fancy. Quinoa, sugar, cocoa beans, and coffee are all examples.

3. Certain minerals we had no need for or could mange it sustainably, like cobalt being mined for our phones.

…Everything was made and sourced — locally and fresh.

What happened? When did it get like this? It just makes my head spin. I want to go back to the days where you got your food in one place, gas in another, and clothes you could order in or make yourself. Simpler times.

I don’t want Cornelia’s wonder and innocence to be forgotten as she becomes a part of our fast pace society. I want her to be in touch with nature, the dirt and earth that feeds her, not screens and plastic.

When I see these photos I’m filled with deep sorrow, a loss I can’t describe. I have such a tremendous yearning for what was.

There’s so much work that goes in to being present on the internet and I’m just trying to figure out how to balance it. I don’t want to get lost in the online world, I want to stay grounded on earth. Any comments?


*photos are from when my parents were young