Do It Yourself: All Purpose Cleaner

Hey guys, do you love the feeling of a clean house? I know I sure do! When house is a big mess with laundry everywhere and dirty dishes all over the kitchen counters I get crazy. It’s hard to explain but I actually start to feel anxious when the house becomes too messy. Once everything is all cleaned up I feel so much calmer and happier. It’s like they say “the state of your room is like the state of your brain”. I’ve been making some of my own cleaning products since I first moved out because I couldn’t afford to buy things in the store, and then when I did I found that I loved my own cleaner more then something store bought. So I continued to use my own All Purpose Cleaner, which I’m going to share with you guys today!

This All Purpose Cleaner is actually so great, I use it to clean everything! First of all as soon as I clear my counter of dirty dishes I spray it down and wipe it, also before I start cooking I’ll do a quick spray a wipe just to be sure. I also use it to clean my bathroom, sinks counter, toilet, and shower walls. It works for cleaning glass like windows and mirrors. I’ll use it to wipe out the inside of my fridge, my kitchen cabinets, clean up my stove, wipe off the kitchen table, I could go on forever. The best part is that its so easy to make and it only has three ingredients, and no yucky toxins!


Liquid SoapVinegarWaterExtras Okay so here’s how to make it…

Step 1: collect all your things needed, I have them pictured above. I don’t have a funnel pictured, but you might want one to prevent making a mess.

Step 2: take your liquid soap and pour in about a cup (I didn’t measure because I rarely measure anything properly)

Step 3: pour in vinegar and make it double in the bottle, if that makes any sense. Basically you would use a cup of vinegar as well, but I wouldn’t know exactly.

DSC_0012 You can see where its darker pink that’s the line with the soap and then the lighter pink is the vinegar.

Step 4: add water, but when you add the water make it a slow trickle because if you pour it in too quickly it’ll bubble up and it’ll be hard to actually fill the bottle. I just used tap water and filled it slowly.

Step 5: after you’ve added your water put on your spray nozzle on and give the bottle a good shake and then you’re done! You can label your bottle as well, I just wrote on mine in sharpie because lets be honest I don’t have time to make a fancy label that’s going to be ruined in a couple weeks.



There, all done! That was so easy, and you most likely had these ingredients already. If not you can get the soap and vinegar from your local grocery store, if you can’t find either of the products just ask someone 🙂

If you need a spray bottle you can either upcycle one you already have or you can find some at the dollar store for really cheap. The one I used I had upcycled from work years ago and it still work great!

For the Liquid Soap you can chose to have it scented anyway you want or use whatever type of soap you want. I just used Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel, I know it seems weird to use a shower gel but I use these in my kitchen all the time. I have a big pump that I’ll use to hand wash any dishes or I’ll use it as a hand soap. I really like them because I trust what’s in the soap, the Body Shop uses as many  natural ingredients as they can and they don’t have any parabens or bad sulfates, they’re also a sustainable company which I really appreciate. If I did buy a labeled dish soap I would use “Dawn”, because it’s my name and because I find it works the best out of all the other dish soaps.

Vinegar is just an unbelievable multi-use product, I use it all the time for everything! It’s a natural antibacterial which is good for kitchen and bathroom clean up, it helps with getting rid of bad odors as well. People have been using vinegar for thousands of years, obviously for a reason. Seriously, I’m not lying this stuff is amazing.


Just a couple tips when using this stuff…

  • If you add hydrogen peroxide to the bottle it works well to clean up any mineral deposits in bathroom sinks, toilets, or showers. Here where we live the water is “hard” so very often we have a redish color built up in our sinks or at the bottom of the shower but this will clean it right up! Just be careful you don’t add to much or get it in your hair, hydrogen peroxide can potentially bleach things.
  • When you’re wiping down use a reusable cloth or scrubbie, that way you prevent waste. I use cloths that my grandma knitted for me and she also gave me these scrubbies (I’m not sure where she gets them) and I can’t wash dishes by hand without them! I rarely ever use paper towel, if I do its because its touching food (dry lettuce or wrap a burrito in the microwave) and then instead of throwing it in the garbage I throw it in the compost.
  • If you’re into Essential Oils you could add some if you wanted, I dabble a little into Oils but I don’t usually add them to my cleaning products.



Is there any cleaners that you make at home? Let me know by leaving a comment!

-Dawn (1)








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