Autumn Beginnings

Autumn is my absolute favorite season and with it approaching I’m getting so excited for a fresh season! I feel that fall is the biggest transition of seasons because there’s so much extra change, like a new school year, the weather, the clothes. I don’t know but does anyone else feel that way? There’s just something so refreshing for me when autumn comes.


When any new seasons come there’s changes in the home, most people will do some type of “spring cleaning” or “winter prep”. Right now some people are canning or dehydrating, but in our grandparents time or even earlier this was necessity.


For my “winter prep” I’m going to try to work on learning some new habits. These are habits that can boost mine (and Evan’s) well-being, they’re like a little “self-improvement” list 🙂

So I’ve made a list of the few habits I want work on, starting in September…

  1. Drink a cup of tea everyday. Tea has so many benefits for your body. And autumn the season of cozy, tea is like the definition of cozy!
  2. Go for a walk at least 3 days out of the week, even when it rains. Walking is so good for health, and the outside air is just so refreshing and crisp!
  3. Cook dinner 4 nights in a week. In the last year I honestly couldn’t tell you that I’ve even cooked once a week, I don’t even know how we survived! Cooking at home is better on the bank account and better for your body.
  4. Simplify our home, even just a little. If you already follow me you know I’m going to be doing a four part series about achieving minimalism in our home, each week I’m going simplify a certain area of our home, so stay tuned for that!

These were the four areas of my life that I felt like really needed to be developed, especially with winter coming up. I find that having a more simple home promotes more self-sustainability, which is my end goal in life anyway.


Do you have any habits that you want to work on? If you do let me know by leaving me a comment!


-Dawn (1)


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