Spring Beginnings

Okay so I’m going to be honest, the last four months have kicked my butt. I have had zero energy to do anything, my winter goals were to cook and read but I feel all I’ve done is work and sleep. I really can’t say I’ve even cooked once a week for the past four months because growing a human is exhausting.

Thankfully, I have my energy back (mostly), and over the past month or so I’ve really missed it here. Hibernating gave me a chance to refocus on what I really want to achieve with this blog.┬áIt will keep me motivated to learn what simple slow living looks for Evan and I, and to really embrace it in our lives.


So with it being Spring (first day of Spring is tomorrow!!), I am “wiping my slate clean”, and starting fresh. My winter goals were to home cooked food, read often, and embrace slow living; which I feel, I achieved none. So I am again going to attempt these goals but in a different way.

This Spring I want to…

  • Cook from scratch at least 3 times a week
  • Minimize what’s in my home
  • Sustainable waste management

Cooking from scratch shouldn’t be such a problem but for people my age it’s a foreign concept because there is so much convenience food around that baking a loaf of bread is terrifying. I’m hoping to be able to master some delicious and easy recipes because I like easy and fast but I don’t want to have to pay for it anymore. We’ve recently received a small freezer as a generous gift from my parents and I’m hoping to fill it with freezer meals which will make cooking from scratch much easier.

I feel that clutter has a huge impact on slow intentional living, clutter not only fills our homes but our minds too. I know for myself when my house is messy and there’s papers everywhere, and just stuff everywhere, I feel stressed and anxious. Also, with a baby on the way I need to make space, especially since we’re in a basement suite there’s not a lot of room. I’ve already started to go through my clothes and a few other spaces but I found a “10-week” organizing plan on Pinterest that I’m going to use as a loose base model for my decluttering.

Over the last year, I’ve become aware of the waste that my household produces. It’s a little upsetting actually. Did you know that glass is 100% recyclable, it can be reused over and over again and never lose it’s integrity? Where as plastic which we use every day, and throw away every day is not 100% recyclable, and it sits in landfills or our oceans causing problems. This is where I have to start small, I’ve already switched to reusable produce bags (I bought them at a local grocer) and once I’m done my fancy bottle of foaming hand soap we’re going to use bars of soap because that’s completely zero waste.


I love what comes with new seasons, that freshness and the ability to hit a “reset button”. Setting these goals for myself give me an opportunity to embrace an intentional lifestyle, but also to reflect on my past seasons. I’ve had some successes but mostly failures, but its a part of learning. And that’s what this blog is for.

Let me know what you think by leaving me a message in the comments section!




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