Any Season Corn and Potato Soup

Man, it feels like summer has finally hit us. I feel like we just got back from our trip to the cabin and Alberta even though we got back already a week ago. My house is a disaster because we had left in such a hurry and our landlords wanted to some painting and repairs while we were gone, so we finally put our couch back today. I’ve been living in chaos for the last week and I can totally see how it affects me. Someone please come clean my house? Then I can have some sanity return!

Heading into warmer weather I notice a change in eating habits; I crave fresh colourful foods. Which is probably the only way I get vitamins from food all year haha. I swear all I’ve eaten this week is strawberries and I’ve been dreaming of Okanagan peaches and Chilliwack corn. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?!

This recipe I’m sharing today is great because it’s so universal for any season, in the winter it’s great for feeling warm and cozy but then in the summer it doesn’t take a lot of cooking time so it’s great for the heat, and it’s done in the crock pot so that won’t turn your house into a sauna!

corn and potato soup1

It’s sweet soup with corn and yams (or sweet potatoes if you prefer) with a delicious broth, best served with fresh bread and butter!

corn and potato recipe

Basically, all you have to do is peel and cut up your potatoes and onions and then thrown everything in the crock pot together and cook from 6-8 hours!

corn and potato soup2

I use yams over sweet potatoes because they’re generally cheaper in our area and I don’t have a taste preference. For meat I always use shredded chicken, and I will use about half of a whole chicken. It’s nice because you can use whatever you have on hand and would like, I personally wouldn’t use ground beef but cut up sausage or ham or bacon would be good to thrown in!

corn and potato soup3

This is one of our absolute favorite recipes all year, its so yummy! For a bread recipe to go with this go hereDSC_0015

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!



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