Something Needs to Change

Something needs to change, we need to shift the way we think and consume.

We know that our waste and consuming habits are filling our oceans and plots of land, some people are actually living on these landfills too.

We know what impact we’ve made with our cheap plastic and fast food fries. And for what? Ease, we’ve become lazy.

So lazy that we don’t want to change, because it’s too easy.

We have been raised in this mindset of “I don’t care”. How many ziplock baggies have you thrown out in your lifetime? What about the gallons of pop you’ve drank? None of these have any positive effect on what we’ve been given.

We’ve lost our conscience for how to treat our earth AND our bodies properly.

We need to alter the way we consume things, like packaging of foods, cosmetics, even the fabric of our clothes. We need to be more mindful of what we buy, because it impacts EVERYTHING.

Did you know that you can actually compost a shirt made with 100% cotton when its all worn out? A stainless steel water bottle will last you a lifetime? Most bar soaps come with no packaging or at least paper packaging? Buying locally grown and raised food supports families not factories?

Can image the positive effects that would happen if even 50% of our population changed their lifestyle, even just a little?




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