Two Year Anniversary

Evan and I have now been married two years!

Honestly, it doesn’t seem that crazy because I look back to that day and think “Holy crap I was so young”. I look back at those pictures and know that I have grown so much that I feel I can hardly relate to that girl. It’s astonishing how my priorities have changed, how what I used to think of as so important has little importance now. I’ve learned to cook, budget, and clean better and more efficiently. Overall I feel like a different person when I look back.

Ashley Martens Photography E&D-499

We spent our evening away in White Rock. I had strongly requested that we go to the ocean before this baby came and I’m so glad we did. It was so nice to get away and not have any distractions, it was just us. It’s bittersweet to be growing by one little Scholing, because that means our time just the two of us has ended but it also means a new adventure is beginning. Maybe by the next anniversary I won’t be able to relate to me now.

white rock


*Wedding photos by Ashley Martens Photography


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