I’m Dawn, a young wife and mom learning how to live in a more traditional way, through “modern homesteading”. My husband’s name is Evan and our new daughter is Cornelia. We live in a basement suite in the heart of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia. And we are the Scholings 🙂

I’m very passionate about going back to our culture’s roots of being self-sufficient, like our grandparents and grandparents before them. They had so much wisdom about providing for themselves and living simply and I desire to embody that lifestyle. I want to be able to provide for my future family with home-grown foods and “from scratch” meals. I dream of the day where I will raise chicken and rabbits for food and my babies will be covered in dirt from our vegetable garden. Life will be slow and intentional.


My hope is that you can glean from what I learn and share on this blog. I give my best attempt to slow down from this crazy hectic world we’ve created for ourselves. Here is a place you can learn along with me to be self-sufficient and sustainable, whatever stage you’re at, if you’re lucky enough to already have land or even if you’re like me in a basement suite.