Spring and Summer Beginnings 2020

Hello all! I hope you’re having a lovely Spring. I’m a little late for just a Spring beginnings so it’ll be combined with Summer and maybe I’ll edit this later if anything changes in a monthish. In these posts I share a few goals or tasks I want to achieve in this certain season. I probably haven’t written one of these in over a year because I took a long hiatus and had very little I wanted to share. Okay jumping in.

  1. Gardening. Last year I skipped making a garden entirely as I just couldn’t handle it with where my head was. But this year I’m doing one again and I have a different set up this year. Cornelia gets to keep the old space as a dirt box and so my garden is split with our upstairs tenants and then additionally I have an apple tree, strawberry plot, and a couple blueberry bushes. My garden is definitely a beginners garden, I have a hard enough time taking care of indoor plants. This year I planted beans, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, and broccoli. So far I’ve replanted bean seeds as they didn’t sprout and then will also try my tomatoes again. This just proves that I’m a terrible plant person.
  2. Keeping my phone away, especially around the kids. I want them to have my attention and know that I’m not going to ignore them. This is the time where I’m building the foundation of our future relationship and I want to avoid any cracks in that foundation.
  3. Eating more fruit and vegetables, because I’m terribly unhealthy and I want my children to grow up with good eating habits.
  4. Shopping local. Local and small businesses have all been hit really hard by Covid19, and it’s important to help out our neighbors. Generally, shopping local also includes more ethical manufacturing or harvesting options as well. Lots of businesses have curbside pick up (which is so easy) and the farmers market will be open in a couple weeks.

So there’s 4 things that I’m working on this season, I wanted to keep them simple and achievable. I’ve got an almost 3 yr old and a 2 month old so I can’t be doing anything fancy! If there’s any goals or things you’re working on and want to share with me, leave me a comment!

Why do I care so much?

Hello Everyone! Hope you’re having a lovely June so far 🙂 It’s been a while since I’ve been on here but I wanted to share something I’ve been thinking about recently.

Last time I shared about our slow simple life that we’ve managed to attain, and if you missed it you can go here and read it 🙂


So I wanted to share about some thoughts I’ve had about “going green”, or being “eco-friendly” and why I find it important.


You’ve all heard about climate change, Earth Overshoot Day, and all the other scientific studies of our negative impact on our world. And sure maybe that’s a small bit of why I care about the impact my family creates. But the most fundamental reason I care so much is because as a Christian, we’ve been given an amazing home we call Earth. We recently just did a road trip through the Rocky Mountains and I am so in awe of how all creation works.


In the documentary The Magic Pill on Netflix they explain about how grass-fed cows eat and fertilize the grass, which creates deep roots and new soil and it’s just one big circle of life. This is the way the world was intended to be. Maybe I didn’t explain it the best way, so go watch it right now. Oh no wait finish reading this first!

As Christians we need to express our gratitude by actually giving a f***. Sorry strong language, but I don’t care. I just think humans in general need to wake up and realize we have this amazing planet.


Okay in our house we’re not 100% zero-wasters. It’s near impossible, especially when we don’t have the resources to make it work. BUT I make an effort to be ever so mindful of what impact we make. Some examples of what we DO do are…

  • Sustainable food packaging, like beeswax wraps and reusable ziplock bags.
  • Biodegradable cleansers, like dish soaps, laundry detergents, and body soaps.
  • Composting food waste, like using eggs shells as fertilizer or our city’s composting program.
  • Buying local because of fuel emissions.

I could keep going but I’d be here for a while.

Some areas we are unable to make it work, like my extensive effort to make our cloth diapers work for Cornelia has not worked. Or we don’t have a bulk food store in our area so lots of food gets bought prepackaged. But I’m always trying to improve and be grateful for what we’ve been given and the resources we do have.


It can be overwhelming at times, but then I just remind myself why I do it.

What kinds of ways do you try to be “green”?


Winter Beginnings 2017/18

Okay I know I should have written this last year at the beginning of December but I couldn’t. I didn’t know what I wanted for this season, I was so sleep deprived as any new mom so realistically I just wanted sleep.

I have now caught up on all that sleep as Evan and I have managed to sleep train Cornelia over the crazy busy holiday season and I’m feeling a bit like myself again.

cyp (11)

Although, I don’t feel the same as I had before Cornelia came to us. I forget just about everything which is unlike me, I’m starting to need coffee each morning, I want to dress differently and just my everyday everything just seems completely altered. I needed to give myself time to recover and decide what I wanted for this next year. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on myself and just even 2017.

I felt like 2017 was a year of anxiousness. Evan and I pretty much spent the whole year impatiently waiting on our little babe to arrive in September. And there was so much pain in the world and in our newsfeeds (Trump’s inauguration, Hurricanes, Wildfires in Canada and USA, Vegas shooting, North Korea, extremist marches, the list goes on…) There was no way to avoid it.


I was seeing was a lot of trends, things becoming popular across the globe because of the internet, everything was moving so fast (ideas, videos, memes, clothing, etc). I feel like I’m suffocating in screen time and I need to come up for air. (I think we all need to come up for air, but that’s not the point, right now).

So 2018

I need to find MY air. What do I like, I don’t want to buy a shirt because everyone else is wearing that shirt, I don’t want to listen to that radio station because everyone likes that music. Do you understand my point?


I want to get off social media and off the internet because it drives me crazy. Not all platforms make me crazy, like this little space that is Simply Scholing. And I really can’t give up Instagram, but I don’t want those “Instagram mom models” to influence what I like. Maybe I’m insane and what I want isn’t achievable, but I really do want to try.

I want to read a book or go on an adventure, I’ve always wanted to go to the Othello Tunnels so maybe we’ll go as a family this Spring. Just get away from all the fast and furious.


I love all things vintage and often feel like I was born in the wrong era, so maybe fill my home with some curated treasures or dress a little differently. Basically just finding what I really like not based on anyone else’s opinions.


Another thing for 2018…

(I don’t normally share anything too personal like spiritual things, but I’m gonna share this.) In December I felt called to be more generous in 2018. I’ve never been good at sharing, maybe it’s the oldest child in me. I kept hearing God tell me I need to exercise generosity so I’m going to be working on that.

Moving on to my Winter goals…

For every season I set myself goals you can read past ones here: Spring 2017, Summer 2017, Autumn 2017

So the things I want to work on this season are…

  • A bullet journal, which will keep my thoughts together and be a diary for me, but mostly Cornelia and any of her small, exciting milestones.
  • Okay, I know I gave a mini rant about how I need to get away from the internet, but Building this blog. I enjoy being in this space and sharing, even if no one were to read my words. I simply need to find the balance of being present here but also being able to turn it off.
  • Being better stewards to the Earth in our home (cloth diapers and wipes for Cornelia, biodegradable soaps, being aware of plastic packaging, etc.)
    — Blog post about my fave products from The Body Shop, and what they do as a company.
— Vinegar is the number one best household product for natural cleaning

So yeah.

Do you agree with me? Do you also feel like our world is moving so fast and you can’t catch your breath? Are there certain things you wish to achieve this year or season? Let me know by leaving me a comment!


Autumn Beginnings 2017

So it’s been a while but that’s because our darling baby girl came! Our Cornelia Joy was born September 3rd and we are so in love, but who isn’t 😉

Today is the first day of Fall so I thought it was appropriate to come back with a beginnings post! You can read my last one here! Autumn is my all time favorite season! I love the doom and gloom that we get here in the valley it just makes everything so cozy and I love that. Also it’s holiday season which makes it even better, everything up till Christmas is just my fave haha.


At the beginning of a new season I always reflect on the past season and set new goals for myself in the coming couple months. I’m not always as successful as I want to be with goals but then I carry them over to the next season. Doing this helps me grow better with more short term goals, because if I give myself more time, chances are I’ll forget or give up.

As for the goals I had set for myself I think I really did okay, I had told myself to take it easy and sure at times I got pretty stressed out but overall I found ways to keep calm and I worked hard to trust in God and know that he’ll provide.

I had also spent the summer prepping for our new addition and a cut in our income and I think it helped that by the end of the summer I felt ready and had the basic necessities for a baby.

white rock

In this season of Fall I don’t really have any specific goals, more just areas of life that I want to improve on.

I’m just learning what this new stage of life is. Figuring out our family of three, what does it look like being a mom. I’m so excited for it, watching our little girly grow. We are so blessed.


One thing I’m going to be focusing on is a more conscious lifestyle for us in our home. When Cornelia is a bit bigger she’ll fit the cloth diapers that I had bought second hand, right now we are able to use cloth wipes for her. In the kitchen I’m already using washable ziplock bags and beeswax wraps. And I’ve started to work on a more conscious wardrobe for myself like by being more aware of the fabrics and the makers of my clothing. All of which I’ll be writing on in the next couple months so stay tuned for those exciting posts!

Another thing I want to try is a bullet journal. Generally I’m pretty organized, or at least I’d like to think so haha. I make lots of lists, I love lists. I live for lists, seriously. But I need to keep those lists a little more organized so I think a bullet journal is a good solution for that!


Do you have anything you want to try this Autumn? Oh! and if you’ve got any bullet journal tips let me know by leaving me a comment!


Summer Beginnings

Starting the end of August I’ll be on maternity leave, and it’s not going to be easy. My income will be cut in half and so we won’t have a whole lot of disposable income.

Preparing for this baby has me feeling like I’m preparing for the coming long winter like our great great grandparents had done. There’s so much I need to get ready and plan for. I need to stockpile food and make sure I have things for the baby and for ourselves so we stay sane.


I know we’ll be okay because I have faith that God will provide for us because he really truly has so far.  But I also need to be diligent in my preparation; I believe he provides but he doesn’t just give hand outs to those who just sit around asking for hand outs.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so beyond excited to be able to spend that time with my baby and I will learn so many sufficiency skills but let’s be honest. I am STRESSED. Preparing for this is hard, and I might have a hint of understanding how my great grandparents had felt when preparing for their own winter.

Okay moving on!


Okay so at the beginning of every season I always sit myself down, and make some goals for myself. It helps me get through a year without going crazy because it gives me a short term goal to focus on so I can actually achieve things that I want to do. It gives me a time frame in which to learn a skill or mark something off my “to-do list”. Sometimes I don’t always attain a goal (like I’ve been trying to cook at home 3 nights a week for seriously, the whole last year) but that’s where I give myself grace and keep it on the list and each season I get better 🙂 See my very first post with my goals HERE.

Looking back at what goals I had set for myself in Spring Beginnings, I can say I managed to do 2 out of my 3 goals. Sorta haha

  • I can honestly say I’ve cooked from scratch way more then I have in our almost two year marriage, can’t promise it was at least 3 times a week consistently.
  • I can also say that I minimized what was in my home, but I’m also still slowly working on that one. No rush on this one but as long as its done before the baby comes I’m happy. I’ve got a big pile of things that need to go to the thrift store and I’ve been slowly adding stuff to that pile.
  • I have not had the energy to really work on developing my waste management. I do try to reuse ziploc bags where I can and obviously continuing to recycle, but I really wanted to work on using less plastic so that’s something I will revisit in the fall, with research during the next couple months.

This summer I’m not really going to give myself any goals other then, take it easy.


I want to relax this summer. Growing a human is hard so I need to be taking extra self care. I have this tendency to over stress about the future sometimes so my goal is to not do that. Ultimately, trust in God and let him carry us through this year.

Often times when I get stressed like this I’m always go, go, go. I’ve got all this stuff on a list that I need to finish as soon as I possibly can, but this summer I’m going to be more relaxed about that.

Like the baby’s room, I’m the type that needs it set up NOW. We’re taking our guest/storage room and we’ll be making it into the nursery. So before my parents came in March, I swear you couldn’t even get into this room it was just so full, I cleaned it up enough that they could sleep there. And then it took me until this week to finally get it empty enough that I was satisfied and that we could actually start setting up the nursery.

summer beginnings

This is just very unlike me but I’ve been impressed with my relaxed attitude and patience that I hope it carries out for the summer. I still have that list but I’m going to take my time with it and RELAX.

One other thing is that recently I’ve been doing a lot of looking into zero-waste lifestyles and sustainably shopping. I’ve looked into all sorts of things like eco-friendly laundry detergents, where to buy sustainable clothing, and going plastic free. Part of this is because in the coming fall, I might not find as much value in plastic wrap over meat or milk. So I’m learning ways on how can I make my stuff last longer and not feel so awful about throwing away a ziploc bag that I paid for (money going in the garbage). Another part is knowing that we’re doing at least a little damage to our earth, you can’t deny that, by polluting it with garbage that doesn’t break down for hundreds of years. I’m not trying to be a hippie or crunchy, but as a Christian I think we need to be stewards of the earth as well as good neighbors. 

So this Summer I am preparing, and relaxing, and researching. Winter is coming.

(sorry I really really really needed to sneak that in, we’re GOT fans)


Do you have any goals or plans for the summer? Let me know, by leaving me a comment!

If you want to read about my garden go HERE


Spring Beginnings

Okay so I’m going to be honest, the last four months have kicked my butt. I have had zero energy to do anything, my winter goals were to cook and read but I feel all I’ve done is work and sleep. I really can’t say I’ve even cooked once a week for the past four months because growing a human is exhausting.

Thankfully, I have my energy back (mostly), and over the past month or so I’ve really missed it here. Hibernating gave me a chance to refocus on what I really want to achieve with this blog. It will keep me motivated to learn what simple slow living looks for Evan and I, and to really embrace it in our lives.


So with it being Spring (first day of Spring is tomorrow!!), I am “wiping my slate clean”, and starting fresh. My winter goals were to home cooked food, read often, and embrace slow living; which I feel, I achieved none. So I am again going to attempt these goals but in a different way.

This Spring I want to…

  • Cook from scratch at least 3 times a week
  • Minimize what’s in my home
  • Sustainable waste management

Cooking from scratch shouldn’t be such a problem but for people my age it’s a foreign concept because there is so much convenience food around that baking a loaf of bread is terrifying. I’m hoping to be able to master some delicious and easy recipes because I like easy and fast but I don’t want to have to pay for it anymore. We’ve recently received a small freezer as a generous gift from my parents and I’m hoping to fill it with freezer meals which will make cooking from scratch much easier.

I feel that clutter has a huge impact on slow intentional living, clutter not only fills our homes but our minds too. I know for myself when my house is messy and there’s papers everywhere, and just stuff everywhere, I feel stressed and anxious. Also, with a baby on the way I need to make space, especially since we’re in a basement suite there’s not a lot of room. I’ve already started to go through my clothes and a few other spaces but I found a “10-week” organizing plan on Pinterest that I’m going to use as a loose base model for my decluttering.

Over the last year, I’ve become aware of the waste that my household produces. It’s a little upsetting actually. Did you know that glass is 100% recyclable, it can be reused over and over again and never lose it’s integrity? Where as plastic which we use every day, and throw away every day is not 100% recyclable, and it sits in landfills or our oceans causing problems. This is where I have to start small, I’ve already switched to reusable produce bags (I bought them at a local grocer) and once I’m done my fancy bottle of foaming hand soap we’re going to use bars of soap because that’s completely zero waste.


I love what comes with new seasons, that freshness and the ability to hit a “reset button”. Setting these goals for myself give me an opportunity to embrace an intentional lifestyle, but also to reflect on my past seasons. I’ve had some successes but mostly failures, but its a part of learning. And that’s what this blog is for.

Let me know what you think by leaving me a message in the comments section!




Autumn Beginnings

Autumn is my absolute favorite season and with it approaching I’m getting so excited for a fresh season! I feel that fall is the biggest transition of seasons because there’s so much extra change, like a new school year, the weather, the clothes. I don’t know but does anyone else feel that way? There’s just something so refreshing for me when autumn comes.


When any new seasons come there’s changes in the home, most people will do some type of “spring cleaning” or “winter prep”. Right now some people are canning or dehydrating, but in our grandparents time or even earlier this was necessity.


For my “winter prep” I’m going to try to work on learning some new habits. These are habits that can boost mine (and Evan’s) well-being, they’re like a little “self-improvement” list 🙂

So I’ve made a list of the few habits I want work on, starting in September…

  1. Drink a cup of tea everyday. Tea has so many benefits for your body. And autumn the season of cozy, tea is like the definition of cozy!
  2. Go for a walk at least 3 days out of the week, even when it rains. Walking is so good for health, and the outside air is just so refreshing and crisp!
  3. Cook dinner 4 nights in a week. In the last year I honestly couldn’t tell you that I’ve even cooked once a week, I don’t even know how we survived! Cooking at home is better on the bank account and better for your body.
  4. Simplify our home, even just a little. If you already follow me you know I’m going to be doing a four part series about achieving minimalism in our home, each week I’m going simplify a certain area of our home, so stay tuned for that!

These were the four areas of my life that I felt like really needed to be developed, especially with winter coming up. I find that having a more simple home promotes more self-sustainability, which is my end goal in life anyway.


Do you have any habits that you want to work on? If you do let me know by leaving me a comment!


-Dawn (1)