Late night things – reintroduction to the blog

I miss this space. I feel like it’s an outlet for me, not that I’ve really considered myself creative. And sure people would probably say “oh sure Dawn, you’re creative” but meh, I get my ideas from other people, I’m not good at coming up with new things on my own.

When I first started this blogging thing I was discouraged by my so few followers or the little engagement that I received. Since then I’ve learned a lot and I care a lot less. Teaching myself that life is “perfectly imperfect”, really I try to tell myself this all the time. So basically what I’m wanting is to make this a place where I can ramble on about the things I do care about. This place will kinda be my brain but on the outside and open and raw and if you feel the same way I do, with whatever I’m putting out there then know you’re not the only one.

Moving on to tonight’s ramble…

Lately, I find myself trying to find the things that I enjoy and not what media is telling me to like. And it’s really hard. Trends and social media are strong influences. Maybe it’s cause I’m a new mom and I’m trying to “find myself” again but I also feel a little like I never did “find myself” in the first place.

And I’m talking like superficial stuff, so like “Do I really like succulents or is just because all my friends are posting their supes-cute greenhouse instagrams?” or “Do I even look good in rust orange or mustard yellow?”

I can tell you though, I don’t like pumpkin spice everything or 90’s fashions on adults or manicured long nails and perfect eyebrows. I do really like fresh flowers on my kitchen table and vintage window shopping with family and I reeeally want a pair of overalls for after this baby comes because I reeeally want to match my babies and be a garden-farmer and maybe some chickens, oh and sheep cause they’re cute.

Okay that is all, it’s late. If you also have thoughts share on my insta-post.